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Phillies decline Pedro Feliz's option

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Originally posted on the Good Phight, from the Wilmington News-Journal. Really could not have been put better.

Per Scott Lauber from the Wilmington News-Journal.

Best of luck to Pedro, wherever he winds up. It will certainly be interesting to see how Amaro approaches the hot corner situation; Chone Figgins, Adrian Beltre, and Mark DeRosa are among the available free agents; Alex Gordon and Brandon Wood could be available by trade; and on the low end of things, Garrett Atkins is likely to be non-tendered by the Rockies.

Probably a good decision by the organization. Fangraphs had Feliz providing $12.4 million in value over the past two years (on an $8.5 million contract), but nearly all of that came from his glove work, which had been slipping a bit in recent years. The nostalgic among us will remember Feliz for his World Series winning RBI last year, while the realists among us will remember his first pitch swinging pop ups.