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2010 Top 50 MLB Free Agents: 1-10

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Take a look at the third annual Top 50 MLB Free Agents, starting with the top ten!:

1. Matt Holliday, Cardinals

- As much as the Mets want Matt Holliday, the stadium dimensions on top of playing in New York have basically wiped them out of contention. The Red Sox appear to be having a tough time signing Jason Bay, or perhaps they are waiting to see how the Matt Holliday sweepstakes plays out before they get serious. 

Prediction: Red Sox

2. John Lackey, Angels

- John Lackey is looking for a big deal, but the Angels won't just let their former top prospect, who helped reel in a World Series ring, walk away. However, the Dodgers are looking for a front of the line starter and don't have the prospects to pull that off in a trade. 

Prediction: Dodgers

3. Jason Bay, Red Sox

- The Red Sox negotiations with Bay make it look like he won't be back in 2010. If he hits the open market, expect the Giants, Cardinals, and Mariners to be very aggressive. 

Prediction: Giants

4.Jose Valverde, Astros

- Jose Valverde hit the open market in search of a big deal after posting a 2.33 ERA in 52 games. While there may be interest in Valverde on the open market, his best bet may be to stay in Houston.

Prediction: Phillies

5. Chone Figgins, Angels

- Figgins has been a very valuable part of the Angels, even though his bat fell dead in this past postseason. Although Figgins has been the subject of talks over the years, the Angels don't have other options ready for 2010.

Prediction: Angels

6. Adam LaRoche, Braves

- LaRoche put together a great second half, and may have placed himself out of the Braves' price range. The Braves have to decide if LaRoche or their two relievers - Mike Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano - are more important to splurge on first.

Prediction: Mets 

7. Aroldis Chapman, Free Agent

- Chapman is one of the most coveted young free agents out there, and nearly a dozen teams are going to be in on him. Expect the Yankees and Red Sox to battle it out for the young Cuban phenom.

Prediction: Yankees

8. Orlando Hudson, Dodgers

- Hudson was let go by the Dodgers after putting up pretty solid numbers for them. His veteran presence along with above average bat should make him more sought after than last offseason. While the Nationals like Ian Desmond, he is no guarantee to hit like his did at the end of the 2009 season. Adding Hudson lets them start Desmond in Triple-A in 2010. 

Prediction: Nationals

9. Randy Wolf, Dodgers

- Wolf has proved to be healthy again and has put up pretty respectable numbers over the past two years. The Mets need some reliable pitching, and their spacious Citi Field should work nicely with Wolf's game.

Prediction: Mets

10. Miguel Tejada, Astros

- Tejada put together a strong season but off-field issues may hurt his chances of landing a two or three year deal. The Athletics have been trying hard to land a shortstop for the past couple years, but now have Cliff Pennington, who is a year or so away from starting everyday. Tejada, who is open to playing third base, would give the A's more options on the left side of the field.

Prediction: Athletics