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Cubs could be players in Roy Halladay sweepstakes?

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The Chicago Daily Herald wonders if the Cubs could enter the Roy Halladay sweepstakes this offseason. If the Cubs sent Milton Bradley with a package of prospects, centered-around pitching prospect Andrew Cashner and second baseman Ryan Flaherty, they might be able to land the prized ace.

The deal likely would have to include two more young prospects, perhaps Jay Jackson or Robert Hernandez, but surrendering those two allows the Cubs to hold on to Josh Vitters and Starlin Castro, who both are in the Cubs' future plans.

Having covered the Cubs minor league teams for, an affiliate of the Chicago Tribune, I'd say adding only one of the latter pitchers mentioned would be worth the Cubs' while. Halladay is one year away from free agency and is certainly in a position to cash in, and that should be taken into account before any team pulls the trigger.

It is definitely shaping up to be trading market this offseason, so we can expect to see several teams enter the mix for him. The Dodgers and Angels could look to trade for him if they miss out on John Lackey.