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Orioles inquire about Kevin Millwood

Major league sources have told's Ken Rosenthal that the Orioles have interest in Rangers pitcher Kevin Millwood. Talks are not serious as of yet, but could heat up once the Winter Meetings get going next week in Indianapolis. I'll keep you posted considering I will be attending the meetings for the third time. 

The Rangers have a lot of depth in their starting rotation, but moving Millwood doesn't seem sensible unless the return is substantial. Still, if the Rangers were able to clear some of his 12 million dollars he is owed in 2010, that could give them some flexibility to make a run at free agent Jermaine Dye.

Does this mean that he is available?

The Cubs and Rangers have had discussions about Milton Bradley, and perhaps they could work out a deal that would help both sides. If the Cubs agreed to swap contracts for the 2010 season, meaning the Cubs would pay Millwood 12 million and the Rangers would pay Bradley 9 million dollars, that would give the Rangers some breathing room to make other moves. Bradley would still be owed 12 million for 2011, and they could either split it down the middle, or something along those lines.

The Mets and Dodgers could also enter the mix for the Millwood, but I expect the Rangers to ultimately hold onto him, at least until the trade deadline.