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2010 MLB Free Agent Predictions: 41-50

40. Darren Oliver, Angels

- Oliver has been a great veteran influence on some of the younger Angels pitchers, and the Angels are expected to lock him up for one more season.

Prediction: Angels

41. Ronnie Belliard, Dodgers

- After putting together a strong finish, where he effectively won the starting position over, Belliard will certainly receive an offer for next season.

Prediction: Dodgers

42. Troy Glaus, Cardinals

- Glaus was reduced to limited playing time this past season, and may be reduced to a minor league deal if teams take their time this off season. A team in need of a DH/corner infielder could benefit from a healthy Glaus. 

Prediction: Athletics

43.Carlos Delgado, Mets

- Delgado has 30-homer potential, and the Orioles could capitalize with his bat in the lineup, especially in the DH spot.

Prediction: Orioles

44. Aubrey Huff, Tigers

- Huff put up decent numbers with the Orioles and Tigers last season, but it sure to draw interest on the open market. A dozen or so teams are in the market for DH or first baseman, where Huff has experience.

Prediction: White Sox

45. Orlando Cabrera, Twins

- Cabrera doesn't have the market that he thought he would have, now that Marco Scutaro and Alex Gonzalez are off the market. Several teams report he is out of there price range, which could lead to a team like the Angels picking him up on a one or two year deal.

Prediction: Astros

46. Rod Barajas, Blue Jays

- Barajas is drawing interest from several teams, but may opt for New York if they extend him an offer. 

Prediction: Giants

47. Matt Capps, Pirates

- Baseball executives were surprised to hear Capps was released, despite his poor numbers in 2009. Teams are still interested in Capps, and he should be picked up soon.

Prediction: Cubs

48. Garrett Atkins, Rockies

- Atkins was also non-tendered, and it is only a matter of time before he signs somewhere too. The Twins, Orioles, and Giants are possibilities. 

Prediction: Giants

49. Russell Branyan, Mariners

- Branyan is playing hardball with the Mariners, but he has already made it known he wants to return.

Prediction: Mariners

50. Kelly Johnson, Braves

- After putting up fairly decent numbers between 2007-2008, his numbers dropped significantly to the point of being non-tendered following the 2009 season. Still, the Diamondbacks' interest in Johnson goes way back and he could end up in Arizona.

Prediction: Diamondbacks