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Diamondbacks pursuing three

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The Diamondbacks reportedly have their sights set on finding an outfielder, second baseman, and closer. They currently have an offer out to second baseman Kelly Johnson, and currently waiting for the markets for Jose Valverde and Randy Winn to develop.

The Diamondbacks don't seem to be too serious on either front, but could step up pursuits if talks start to head south. At them moment, the Arizona Republic reports that Johnson does have better offers on the table, but his preference is to play in Arizona.

 Valverde is coming off a great season in Houston, and is a candidate to return to Arizona on a one year deal. The Diamondbacks view Valverde as a possible candidate to be brought in on a low-base one year deal. The Republic is reporting that the Diamondbacks would be willing to not offer arbitration, but it is unclear whether or not Valverde would go for that.

The Diamondbacks have interest in Randy Winn, but more in a reserve outfielder or bench role. Winn is believed to still be seeking a starting job, contacting the Tigers, Cubs, and Royals in hopes to garner more interest. A disappointing 2009 season won't help his case.

The budget strapped Diamondbacks are unlikely to sign all three of these guys, but do have a chance to land Johnson if they increase his offer a little bit. 

The newspaper also reports that of the starting pitchers available on the market, Jose Contreras could be an option for the team.