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Braves interested in Dan Uggla

Ken Rosenthal of FOX SPORTS is reporting that the Braves have interest in Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla. While Uggla has put up good career numbers for the Marlins, he is heading for arbitration and the Marlins are looking to cut payroll rather than expand on it. 

To keep payroll down, the Braves and Marlins have engaged in talks that would send Uggla to the Braves to play left field. Uggla is not committed to playing left field, but might be willing to make the switch if a trade happens. The only problem with this trade is that the Marlins are asking for quality top rated prospects in return. 

Uggla has put up 30 home runs in three of the last four seasons, posting 27 in his debut year. Now that he is starting to head into arbitration, you would think that the asking price would have to be lowered. 

The Marlins could target a prospect like Craig Kimbrel. Kimbrel looks to be more on his way than current Marlins firearm Jose Ceda, who missed all of 2009 with a shoulder problem. It appears that it will be a waiting game until one team lowers the asking offer or cuts a fast deal. 

If the Marlins move Uggla, then Emilio Bonifacio would be the teams new second baseman. They did recently sign Danny Richar, and if they chose to sign a corner outfielder, they could move Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan back to his original position. 

This would be a solid addition to the Braves' lineup, but only if it doesn't cost them a premier pitching prospect in the process.