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Yankees eye Jermaine Dye, Mets eye Matt Holliday

Two separate reports came out indicating that the Yankees have inquired about free agent outfielder Jermaine Dye and that the Mets are in pursuit of Matt Holliday

Dye had a disappointing end to the season, but is a career .274 hitter who could thrive in the Yankees outfield. However, his UZR/150 would indicate that he is better suited in the DH spot, a spot the Yankees already filled with Nick Johnson.

Dye is also drawing interest from the Orioles and Rangers.

The Matt Holliday sweepstakes is nearing a climax, and the Yankees could come in with a four year offer in the range of 50-60 million and land Holliday, bulking up the Yankees lineup for another run at a championship. The Boston Globe is speculating the Red Sox could do that as well. 

Holliday is being pursued by the Mets, but sources say Holliday isn't too keen on playing in Citi Field long-term. It is very possible will end up working out a deal with the Cardinals, who are also in the mix around a four year deal. 

The Mets are keeping tabs on Jason Bay as well, but feel he is a Plan B option.