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Mets make big splash, sign outfielder Jason Bay

Sorry for the late post everybody, I received several messages as soon as I turned my phone on after my plane had landed, but could not get anything up until now.

The Mets and Jason Bay have come to terms on a four year deal worth 66 million dollars, with a vesting an option for a fifth year that would make the deal worth over 80 million dollars. 

The requirements for the option to vest should be easy for Bay to reach, according to the source. Bay has had 600 or more plate appearances in each of the last five years, and he does not have to come close to that to get the vesting option guaranteed. 

Bay is coming off a great year with the Red Sox, hitting a career high 36 home runs and 119 RBIs. Bay is a career .280 hitter and has averaged 30 home runs in six seasons with the Pirates and Red Sox. 

It'll be interesting to see how Bay responds to playing in Citi Field. Left field is very spacious and the Mets juggled a cluster of corner outfielders in 2009 to fill the spot. Citi Field made a thirty-homer guy like Wright struggle to reach 15, and the Mets are crossing their fingers hoping that does not happen to Bay as well.