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Astros won't pursue starting pitching help

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle is reporting that while the Astros would like to add a starting pitcher, they will not pursue free agent starter Jon Garland, who is one of the top remaining starter on the market.

The Chronicle stressed the need for starting pitching help all offseason, and the failure to do so will impact them on the field and in the ticket office. 

The Astros made a quick move several weeks ago to land reliever Brandon Lyon, who signed a three year deal worth 15 million dollars. The Astros signed Lyon after failing to work out a deal for LaTroy Hawkins, who pitched for the 'Stros last season and signed a two year deal with the Brewers worth 7.5 million dollars, total.

While GM Ed Wade is regarded as the man who started off the Phillies success in the early stages of the decade, drafting Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Cole Hamels, to name a few, he has failed to do much in Houston at the MLB-level or at the minor league levels.

Adding a pitcher would appear to be a necessity, but they have a hole at shortstop that cannot be held by Tommy Manzella all season long. Bringing back Miguel Tejada on the cheap would make players and fans happy, not to mention give the team the option to move him midseason to clear payroll or to make room for Jiovanni Mier. 

Joel Piniero, John Smoltz, Jarrod Washburn, and Jose Contreras are all still available and could sign Houston. 

The Astros just need to make the first move.