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Giants seeking a catcher?'s Jon Heyman is reporting that the Giants believe Buster Posey is not ready to start in the MLB and we'll explore other short-term options. Free agent catcher Bengie Molina is reportedly nearing an agreement with the Mets on a two year deal, leaving the Giants with few reliable backstops to choose from. 

Yorvit Torrealba and the Rockies are struggling to work out a contract, and one NL source believes the chances that Torrealba returns to Colorado are "slim to none."

This could give the Giants the veteran catcher they are looking for. While Torrealba doesn't hit for much of an average (.255 career average), he brings a lot of energy to the table is very familiar with NL West stadiums and pitchers. 

Posey belongs in the minor leagues for more seasoning. If he is as good as the Giants think he can be, then he should be more than ready by the start of the 2011 season, if not sooner. 

A short-term deal allows the Giants to not rush Posey, while giving them a veteran to mentor the young prospect. 

Do you think the Giants should add a catcher and is Torrealba the best option?