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Braden Looper hopes to pitch in Chicago

Free agent pitcher Braden Looper told that he hopes to pitch for the Cubs next season. The Cubs' rotation, already down one with Ted Lilly out till at least May, is in need of a back-end of the rotation starter. 

One NL source said the Cubs have checked on the likes of Randy Wolf and Justin Duchscherer, but Looper could be an appealing alternative. Looper struggled mightily last season giving up 39 bombers through 194.2 innings, walking 64 to 100 strike outs and posting a 5.22 ERA.

"That would be appealing," he said. "You've got to see what your options are. I don't know if they're looking for a starting pitcher, since they have a new owner. But I'm living in Chicago, and I've got three kids in school here, so that would be nice."

The Cubs likely appreciate the gesture, but I don't see them making a move on him.

One source believes the Cubs may try to make a deal for Kevin Millwood of the Rangers. The Rangers have had talks with the Cubs about Milton Bradley, but likely would need to bring in a third team to make a deal happen.