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Report: Sosa Tested Positive For Steroids in 2003

For those of you who demanded the names of the other 104 players named along with Alex Rodriguez, you just had your first wish granted.

According to the NY Times, former MLB player Sammy Sosa is among the names included in the 2003 list.

Sosa, who is sixth on Major League Baseball's career home run list with 609 home runs, has been surrounded by rumors of steroids use throughout the tail end of his career. Sosa hasn't played a Major League game since 2007, where he was a member of the Texas Rangers.

Sosa, generally recognized for his contributions to the Chicago Cub organization, will long be remembered for his historic Home Run chase with Mark McGwire in 1998. Both Sosa and McGwire chased Roger Maris individual home run record of 61. Sosa concluded the season hitting 66 home runs, while McGwire finished with 70. Many people believe the epic performance placed by those two individuals allowed Major League Baseball to overcome the embarrassment of the 1994 strike.

Unfortunately for both Sosa and McGwire the circumstances have changed dramatically since 1998. McGwire no longer affiliated with Major League Baseball, had his image tainted when he failed to respond directly to questions asked of him in front of Congress. McGwire insisted that he was moving forward, and refused to answer questions about the past. During the same Congressional hearings Sosa famously forgot the English language.

According to the NY Times, the confirmed positive test could place Sosa in a bit of a legal bind as well. Sosa, who swore under oath that he didn't take steroids, may now have to answer to federal prosecutors, very much the same as Barry Bonds.

The conformation of a positive test puts Sosa among a group of great sluggers of the recent generation who will never be looked at the same. The more information that comes out about these stars allows us to understand that this was far from an isolated problem, and more of a widespread epidemic.

This era will forever be known as the "steroid era". The question remains how Hall of Fame voters will react to those up for induction.