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Manny Ramirez To Make Minor League Appearance Next Week

It appears Manny Ramirez may be making his return to the diamond sometime next week.

Ramirez, who is still serving his 50-game suspension, for testing positive for PED, will not be eligible to return to the Dodgers until July 3.  However, in the terms of his suspension Ramirez is eligible to return for a minor league stint starting next Tuesday.

Ramirez will apparently begin his stint with the Dodgers Single-A affiliate Inland Empire 66ers.  While Ramirez is eligible to play Tuesday, the California league will be on their All-Star break.  The 66ers next game will be played on Thursday, where it is expected that Ramirez will participate.

 In the absence of Ramirez, the Dodgers have continued to play at a high level.  Currently they are 42-23 and hold an 8 ½ game lead in the NL West over the San Francisco Giants.