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MLB Trade Market Shaping Up To Be A "Bear Market"

If you’re looking for fireworks in July, make sure to attend a July 4 barbeque, because it certainly doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting them on the July 31 trade deadline.

In a recent column on, Jayson Stark suggests that this could be the weakest trade market in quite some time.   

Specifically, the fact that as of yesterday there were only 6 teams who are currently 6 games or more below .500, meaning the ratio of buyers greatly outweighs the sellers.

Stark quoted an AL executive who said, "Some of these teams that are in it don’t even want to be in it.  I think they’d rather unload some guys and dump some money.  But when you’re a few games out, it’s hard to explain that to your fans."

However, Stark does make a few suggestions on some trade possibilities.  He selected the nine teams currently ranked at the bottom nine of the power rankings, then selected the most likely trade candidate from each team.

 Here are of few of Stark’s suggestions.

Washington Nationals- Nick Johnson, 1B

Baltimore Orioles- Danys Baez, RHP

Arizona DiamondBacks- Doug Davis, LHP

San Diego Padres- Cla Meredith, RHP

Kansas City Royals- Ron Mahay, RHP

Houston Astros- LaTroy Hawkins, RHP

Pittsburgh Pirates- Jack Wilson, SS

Cleveland Indians- Mark DeRosa, 3B

Oakland A’s- Matt Holliday- LF

One noticeable thing missing from this list is the presence of any premier starting pitchers.  With injuries to Jake Peavy and Eric Bedard, and the likelihood that the Astros will not part ways with Roy Oswalt, the market will be very limited.  Some other notably possibilities will be Boston Red Sox SP Brad Penny and Pittsburgh Pirates SP Ian Snell