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Sheffield Wants to Play for Rays

According to a report in Today's St. Petersburg TimesNew York Mets outfielder Gary Sheffield would like to play out his career as a member of the Rays.

Me, myself, and Sheffield, has been known to make idiotic comments in the past so there really is no surprise here.

Sheffield, a native Floridian said he would like to play at least two more seasons, and prefers both to be with the Rays.

He has seen more than expected playing time with the Mets this year, because of injuries, and has performed quite well. He is currently batting .276 with eight homers and 26 RBIs.

Sheffield, who is scheduled to make $14 million this year, would have to take a substantial pay cut in order to play for the Rays.

However, for this season lets hope Sheffield keeps his mind focused on his current team, and lets hope for the Rays sake they want nothing to do with Sheffield in the future.