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Todd Helton, Vernon Wells, Alex Rodriguez and Barry Zito Free Agents?

Let me be the first to say this isn't true. However, Joel Sherman of the NY Post writes an interesting column where he derives a way to make it all happen.

Sherman suggests that Major League Baseball should institute a rule similar to the NBA in 2005 "Alan Houston Rule", where every team is allowed the opportunity to release one player from their contract. Of course this rule doesn't exist, but it certainly makes for some interesting conversation.

While Sherman makes it perfectly clear that MLB is far from struggling during these tough economic times, he does believe that some form of financial assistance is needed.

He may have a point. From everything we have been hearing, this is certainly shaping up to be the weakest trade market ever. Is it because of injuries? Maybe. Is it because of an over abundance of contending teams? Maybe, but I think most people would agree the central reason is the difficult economic conditions surrounding player contracts.

The fun part about this article is the speculation as to who would do what. So lets take a look at what Sherman thinks would happen in this wild scenario.

Here are a few names that could potentially be thrown in this group of 30 free agents.



Once again this is all just fun speculation in the absence of a real hot stove this year, but I would love to hear from you the fans.

If you had a chance to get rid of one contract from your favorite team who would it be?

Remember you will be faced with the challenge of getting rid of the worst player vs. getting rid of the worst contract.