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Rockies to Showcase 3B Garrett Atkins

In a desperate attempt to regain any value he once had, it appears the Colorado Rockies are planning on showcasing former starting third baseman Garrett Atkins during the team's current six-game road trip, the Denver Post reported.

Atkins, who started the year as the Rockies full time third baseman, prior to being replaced by Ian Stewart, has struggled to say the least. He is currently batting .207 with five homers and 21 RBIs.

The Rockies plan on getting Atkins several at-bats as the designated hitter for their next two series' against the Angels and the Athletics. They are in desperate hope that he can regain his swing in live action.

Atkins is scheduled to make $7 million this year, which certainly will not make him an attractive player to potential suitors. However, if he shows any glimmer of hope this weekend, maybe somebody will take a shot.

The Rockies are currently 37-33 following and 11-1 win last night against the Angels. They are on a six game winning streak, and have won 17 of their last 18 games.

In the end I don't expect Atkins to be going anywhere. His putrid performance coinciding with his heft salary makes him a "stay away" from type of player.

I would expect teams in need of a third baseman to look heavily at Mark DeRosa, even though the price tag will be considerably higher.