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Matt Holliday to the Giants?

According to a report in the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland A's Slugger Matt Holiday may be on Giants GM Brian Sabean short list of players to acquire.

Asked whether he would be interested in the A' slugger Sabean had this to say, " I can't answer that. But I will say the list is more right-handed than left-handed."

However, it still remains to be seen whether A's GM Billy Beane would be willing to trade Holliday to another Bay Area rival.

Most people assume that Beane acquired Holliday with the intention of making him a trade piece at this year's deadline. With that being said, Beane is certainly expected to ask for a lot in return.

Holliday who is owed $13.5 million this year, would likely command at least two high quality prospects in the eyes of Beane.

Holliday has had a relatively quite year since leaving the friendly confines of Coors Field; he is batting .270 with eight homers and 39 RBIs.

The A's are currently 31-38, but still only remain 6 ½ games behind the first place Texas Rangers.

I would expect Holliday to be on the move prior to the deadline, but don't expect this to be a salary dump for the A's.