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Phillies Among Others Search For Starting Pitching

It looks as though the Philadelphia Phillies have been in the market for pitching for quite some time. Only problem is, there isn't any out there.

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. had this to say in a recent article in the News Journal.  "No one's out there dealing anybody or wanting to part with anybody because the pitchers who are available are, one, hurt, and two, pitching for teams that don't think they're out of the race yet," Amaro said. "I know because I've asked about every one of them."

As we have reported here at MLB Daily Dish over the last few days, the pitching market is very bare, and doesn't look to be getting any better.

The Phillies, among others are reaching out to everyone and anyone with the hopes of acquiring a starting pitcher, but it's not looking very good.

We decided to put together a list of a few pitchers who may be available come the July 31 deadline.

American League

  • Baltimore Orioles- RHP Jeremy Guthrie
  • Cleveland Indians- RHP Carl Pavano
  • Cleveland Indians- LHP Cliff Lee (*Lee most likely won't be available, but if the Indians fall way out, he might be a name dangled. With the weak market they would be able to command a lot in return.)
  • Seattle Mariners- LHP Jarrod Washburn
  • Seattle Mariners- LHP Erik Bedard
National League
  • Houston Astros- RHP Roy Oswalt (*Same deal as Cliff Lee, he would immediately catapult to the top of the list, the Astros could get a lot in return.)
  • Cincinnati Reds- RHP Bronson Arroyo
  • Cincinnati Reds- RHP Aaron Harang
  • Arizona Diamondbacks- RHP Dan Haren (Not likely, but once again would have tremendous value)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks- LHP Doug Davis
  • Arizona Diamondbacks- RHP Jon Garland
  • San Diego Padres- RHP Jake Peavy (*Team would have to take a chance on his injury, plus Peavy would have to agree to the deal. It's unlikely, but still possible.)
  • Colorado Rockies- RHP Jason Marquis