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Several Teams Interested in Cardinals Troy Glaus

According to Ken Rosenthal of, several teams looking for a first baseman or DH are interested in the Cardinals Troy Glaus.

Glaus has not played at all this season while recovering from shoulder surgery. He certainly would be an interesting option for a lot of teams.

Rosenthal reports that Glaus is progressing much more on his hitting then his fielding, meaning he could be better suited as a first baseman or DH. He is scheduled to hit off a pitching machine for the first time Monday, and could be ready for a minor-league rehab assignment next week.

Glaus, who turns 33 on Aug. 3, is an above-average defender at third, but has played only four career games at first. He also is earning $11.25 million this season, at a time when few clubs are willing to take on additional payroll.

Rosenthal says that in order for the Cardinals to move Glaus they presumably would have to absorb a large portion of his contract.

Some teams that may be interested in Glaus are as follows, the Rangers, Mets, Braves and Giants who are looking to plug holes at first base. Also the Tigers and Mariners are teams that may be looking for a DH.

Given the state of the current economy this is probably a long shot for teams, but with the weak trade market if the Cardinals are willing to absorb a good percentage of his deal it just might be worth the risk.