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Giants' Top Prospect Posey to Skip Double-A?

There is buzz coming out of San Francisco that the Giants' top hitting prospect, 2007 first round pick Buster Posey, will leapfrog Double-A and go directly to Triple-A after putting up dominant numbers in Single-A thus far. Posey's bat will not be the primary concern should he make the jump, seeing as how he was batting .328 with 11 home runs and 48 RBIs. It will be his work behind the plate that determines his success at the next level.

There is an extremely large difference between Single-A and Triple-A pitching, something that will take some time to adapt to for Posey. Normally, one might question whether the Giants were rushing him through their minor league system, but general manager Brian Sabean appears to have a goal in mind. If the move is indeed completed, Sabean believes that, "he'll get better in a real hurry because of the pitching he's going to catch...It's interesting, talking to (manager Bruce Bochy). His philosophy is, when you start catching guys who've been to the big-leagues, you learn in a hurry." Bochy played catcher before his managerial career, so fans and players alike have to respect the knowledge and opinions he's gathered over the course of his long career.