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White Sox Ready To Clean House?

According to a report in the Arlington Heights Daily Herald, the Chicago White Sox may be interested in moving several key players.

The report indicates that with the July 31 deadline rapidly approaching the White Sox may be willing to part ways with veteran players, Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye, Jose Contreras and struggling relievers Octavio Dotel and Scott Linebrink.

When asked, White Sox GM Kenny Williams said, "I know a lot of people call us for pitching. We must have a little bit."

However, manager Ozzie Guillen believes the Sox should know where they stand on July 5 (No idea why he picked this specific date) following series against the Indians and Royals.

"That will dictate exactly where we are," Guillen said. "If we play good against them, that's going to be important to see what we're going to do in the summer. I expect them to go out there and play well, and that will dictate what we should do and not do."

Following yesterday's 5-2 loss to the Dodgers the White Sox have fallen to 33-37 a full six games behind the division leading Tigers.

Unless somehow the White Sox figure out how to put together some consistent offense I don't imagine them turning the ship around this year. They have been abysmal offensively batting a mere .218 as a team at home.

I would expect the White Sox to be sellers by the July 31 deadline (or the July 5 Ozzie Guillen deadline) and move at least two of their veteran players. Look for Jermaine Dye and possibly Octavio Dotel to be on the move.