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GM Brian Cashman Not Ready To Fire Girardi Just Yet

General Manager Brian Cashman was in Atlanta Wednesday, but it wasn't to fire manager Joe Girardi or hitting coach Rob Long says a report in the NY Post.

Cashman who was on hand for the Yankees 8-4 win over the Braves was there however to "shake up" his lethargic team.

"There was no yelling, Cash isn't that guy, but he let us know he was here. He means business, I mean he flew to Atlanta", said Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira.

As has always been the case with the Yankees when the team starts to go in the tank everybody's job becomes in jeopardy (Cashman no exception) and Girardi knows that.

"I know the drill here," said Girardi, whose club is five games back of the AL East-leading Red Sox. "You don't win you go home. I know what we need to do."

However, for now it appears Girardi and Long are both safe, but we know that could change in a "New York minute."

"I think Joe has done an excellent job," Cashman said. "We have been scuffling for three weeks, and you don't see him slumped over, acting like woe is me or on edge. He is doing everything he needs to do."

As for Long, Cashman isn't blaming the slump solely on him.

"Three weeks ago we had the best offense in baseball, you go through ups and downs," Cashman said. "Kevin Long does a good job."

The Yankees are currently 39-32 and trail the AL East leading Red Sox by five games; however, as of today they are tied with the Blue Jays for the AL wild card.

If things don't start changing, and I mean changing SOON in the Bronx I don't see the Girardi show lasting much longer.

This weekend will be a critical one for Girardi, and embarrassing showing against the Mets could be all it takes to break the camels back.