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White Sox To Make Bobby Jenks Available?

As we steadily approach the July 31 trade deadline we continue to hear more and more names that may become available.

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the next name that could be joining that list is White Sox closer Bobby Jenks.

The White Sox have yet to determine if they are going to be buyers or sellers come the deadline, but if they choose to sell, Jenks could have major value.

Jenks signed a one-year contract with the White Sox this year for $5.6 million, which means the White Sox, will have to decide to either re-sign Jenks or listen to offers. If the team decides they don't want to sign Jenks to a long-term contract, then it makes sense to make a deal.

Expect several teams to be interested in Jenks should he become available, including the Yankees, Angels, Rangers, Phillies, Brewers, and Mets, who are all looking to bolster their bullpen.


2009 - Bobby Jenks 2-2 3.21 1.07 28 6