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Red Sox Hope to Sign Jason Bay Before Seasons End

While all seems well for the Boston Red Sox these days, there is still one piece of uncertainty they really want to clear up.

That piece I am referring to is the impending contract negotiations of outfielder Jason Bay.

Bay, who is in the midst of a career year, is due to become a free agent at the end of the season, and the Red Sox certainly want to prevent that from happening.

According to Tony Massarotti of the Boston Globe, the Red Sox are definitely interested in revisiting talks with Bay before the seasons end.

Bay, who is due $7.5 million this year is expected to command double that on the free-agent market. It is believed he will be looking for a deal roughly three or four years and upwards of $60 million.

The Red Sox, who have negotiated deals during the season in the past, most notably Josh Beckett and David Ortiz, are expected to try and use the upcoming all-star break to negotiate with Bay and his agent.

The Boston Globe reported that the Red Sox used Adam Dunn's two-year $20 million contract as a starting point during the spring, but it went nowhere.

Bay is definitely in a strong position going into these negotiations. His stock has gone through the roof since his arrival in Boston.

When asked about the impending negotiations Bay had this to say:

"Until there's a press conference or until it's the end of the season, it's really a moot point for me,''

At the end of the day I expect Bay to re-sign with the Red Sox for probably three or four years and maybe $45-$50 million. It would be a public relations nightmare for the Red Sox to explain to their fans why Jason Bay is not in a Red Sox uniform next year. Also don't expect the Red Sox to let Bay hit the free-agent market. Unless Bay and his agent are admit about becoming a free-agent, I think Bay will re-sign before seasons end.

2009 - Jason Bay 72 263 49 73 16 2 19 69 46 65 5 1 .278 .387 .570