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Pirates and Nationals to Swap Young Outfielders?

The Nationals are apparently in serious talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates regarding a deal that would exchange outfielder Lastings Milledge, currently in the minors, for outfielder Nyjer Morgan, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

The deal was believed to be close to completion that was until a snag was hit when the Pirates began to ask for Nationals starter Craig Stammen to be included in the trade.

Here is what Morgan had to say when asked about the trade rumors.

"I've never been in this situation, so it's kind of new to me... It is (flattering) because it means I've opened up some other teams' eyes and they think I can help out their organization, too."

"I guess it's one of those business things... I'm going to keep going out there and keep playing. If something happens, it happens. I can't really worry about it."

For some response to the trade rumors, I'm going to pass it along to Charlie from BucsDugout, here is what he said about the recent rumors.

I know Nyjer Morgan is a valuable defensive player and all, but I'd gladly take a chance on Lastings Milledge's upside if the Nationals offered him. I don't understand why Craig Stammen would hold up a trade on either end--why the Pirates would demand him, or why the Nats would refuse to give him up. He's already 25 and has never pitched particularly well above Class AA.

Milledge has a history of attitude issues and would probably just end up frustrating the Pirates, but he's only 24, has tools galore, and hit competently as a full-time big leaguer last year. Morgan won't be part of the next good Pirates team, and I don't see any obvious reason to hold onto him if the Bucs can get someone with Milledge's upside in return.

Stay tuned to BucsDugot and Federal Baseball for more information on the progress of this deal. It appears the rumors are pretty hot so expect something to develop soon.