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The Buzz For Monday June 29th

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Here is some of the MLB buzz from today.  To make things easier I put together a list of some stories that are circulating the news today.

Here is a little recap for those of you who don't want to read the full versions.

Looks like the Royals have the "for sale" sign up on the front lawn, and several teams are lining up to go shopping. Pitching is at a premium in this market and Brian Bannister would be a nice fit for a lot of teams. It seems like virtually everybody on the Royals roster is available (minus Gil Meche, Joakim Soria and Zack Greinke).

It looks like the Brewers are going to be buyers, and they are making calls to several teams. The Brewers seem very interested in Arizona's Doug Davis. This looks like it could be a perfect fit, expect this deal to happen--possibly soon. If that doesn't work they might take a look at Jarrod Washburn as well.

The Giants really need to add another bat, and they seem to have interest in White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko. Looks like the White Sox will be sellers at the end of the day. Konerko would be a welcomed addition for the Giants.
They are also interested in Jermaine Dye and Mark Teahen.

As we've reported looks like Cliff Lee is on the block. Several teams will be interested, most notably the Dodgers. Last weeks trade of Mark DeRosa is a clear indication that the Indians are ready to sell.

Phillies are looking to add pitching. It appears the Phillies are throwing their name in the hat for everyone that is available. I guess the more times you put your name in the hat, the more likely you'll be picked. They have interest in the Royals Gil Meche (don't think he'll be available) and Brian Bannister. Expect Bannister to be a much more likely option.