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Jerry Manuel: Mets Need to Add a Big Bat

The Mets are struggling, and are in desperate need of help. They have been decimated by injuries (i.e. Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran), and steadily are losing any postseason hopes.

Manager Jerry Manuel knows his job on the line, and he's begging for reinforcements.

In an article in today's NY Post Manuel made his first public call for help. Here is a snapshot of what he said in reference to the Mets adding another big bat.

"If we get below [.500] and we continue to struggle offensively as we are, I think that's a no-brainer. I think we have to visit that. I think that has to be visited or talked about at some point. It would be dishonest if I said no."

"There is no doubt that if a caliber of player was added to a team that it changes the morale of the team in my opinion. Even when we added Gary Sheffield, despite what we already had to add, that boosted the morale of the team."

It certainly sounds like Manuel might be losing this team, and he's sounding the alarm. The Mets inept offense is clearly having a major impact on this teams psyche.

Ultimately it's the responsibility of the manager to change the morale of the team, not anybody else. If he is unable to do that, he needs to go-now.

I understand fully Manuel has been faced with a difficult task this year. His roster has been severely bitten by the injury bug, and several players have underperformed. However, following two extremely disappointing seasons, its doubtful Met fans want to hear any excuses.

There is no telling whether GM Omar Minaya will listen to Manuel's cry for help, but I think he should.

At the end of the day Manuel might not be fighting to save just his job, he might be fighting for Minaya's to.