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Red Sox, Rockies discuss Atkins for Saito Trade

According to Ken Rosenthal of, the Red Sox and Rockies recently discussed a deal that would send Red Sox reliever Takashi Saito to the Rockies in exchnage for Rockies third baseman Garrett Atkins.

Even though the Rockies have given every indication that they would love to move Atkins, and his $7.05 million contract, it appears they are looking for more than Takashi Saito in return. 

The Red Sox were looking to acquire Atkins to protect against the uncertainty of third baseman Mike Lowell, who was recently placed on the disabled list with a strained right hip.  Early reports out of Boston were that the team was going to stand pat on making any deals until they had a better understanding of Lowell's inury.  An attempt to acquire Atkins from the Rockies could give us indication that Lowell's injury may be more serious than first thought.

Apparently these two teams are continuing to discuss alternative options, and I would expect if Lowell is on the shelf for any extended period of time that the Red Sox might pull the trigger on a guy like Atkins.  If this deal doesn't work the Red Sox might want to call their divison rivals the Toronto Blue Jays, and ask about acquring their third baseman Scott Rolen.  Word out of Toronto is that they may be willing to deal Rolen in order to rid themselves of his contract.  Boston is one of a few teams who has the luxury of adding payroll at the moment, so Rolen might be a nice fit.

If the Atkins to Boston deal doesnt work out look for the Cardinals and Reds to also inquire about Atkins.