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Rob Dibble on the Nats: "It's pathetic"

Have a look at what Nationals broadcaster Rob Dibble had to say about his team,

"This isn't a Major League baseball team I'm watching out here....It's pathetic. I've never seen a team that is ok with losing....Some guys are mailing it in, and it's hard to watch."

Couldn't have said it better myself Rob. Thanks for that. However, hopefully if they can get Stephen Strasburg signed and maybe pick up Bryce Harper next year things might turn around.

On the trade front the Nationals have made virtually everybody on their team available, and believe it or not as bad as they are several teams are interested in their players.

Nationals first baseman Nick Johnson, outfielder Adam Dunn, and Austin Kearns are the most likely to be dealt.

Washington GM Mike Rizzo told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney that,

"We don't have to move money, and that unties our hands a little bit. That means we're going to make good solid baseball decisions, based on building this franchise the right way."

"Good solid baseball decisions", isn't that a phrase we immediately associate with the Nationals.