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Did Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter increase the likelihood that he will be traded?

We're live poolside from ATL today.

Shout out to Michael Sweet and Allerie DeBussey Sweet (yes they actually do have their own web site) on there lovely wedding last night.

Anyhow back to business at hand. According to a report in a San Francisco Chronicle Blog, the San Francisco Giants may now be willing to deal Jonathan Sanchez--now, more than ever.

Sanchez, who pitched a no-hitter Friday, the first the Giants have had since 1976, has been a regular on the trade market for about the last two months. Following his performance yesterday speculation has run wild that the Giants may want to capitalize on his current stock.

Might not be a bad idea on the Giants part. There is nothing better than dealing a player when he is at his "media high". Sanchez, is only 3-8 on the season with a 4.69 ERA, and if there is one thing the Giants don't lack it's young pitching. If their was any way the Giants could get a contributing bat for Sanchez I say do it.

Recent reports indicated that the Giants were willing to trade Sanchez to the Pirates in exchange for second baseman Freddy Sanchez (no relation), but that appears to have fizzled out. However, following his Friday night no-hitter I'm sure several teams might join the "Jonathan Sanchez Sweepstakes". Look for the Phillies (who covet just about every pitcher on the market) to make a call about Sanchez. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Brewers, Yankees and Mets inquired either.