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All- Star Quick Hits

 -  After 17 years in the majors,  Boston's RHP Tim Wakefield is excited to be the oldest rookie player named to the squad since Satchel Paige, who was 46 to Wakefield's almost 43.

    "You go and play professional baseball and always want to make an All-Star team,'' said Wakefield. "I've had opportunities, just never got a chance. I think I appreciate it more now, knowing how hard it is to be picked. If it had happened a lot sooner, I still would have appreciated it. But not as much as I do now.''

-Giants RHP Matt Cain's All-Star status is in question after he was hit by a liner in his pitching arm during a game Saturday night.  An X-ray showed no break or fracture but he initially suffered some numbness in his hand, which subsided quickly. More on his condition should be known later today.

-Cubs LHP Ted Lilly reaffirmed his place on the All-Star team by pitching eight strong innings, giving up four hits to beat the Cardinals Saturday. It was his 100th career win.

-Dodgers closer  Jonathan Broxton will probably have to sit out the All-Star game because of an injury to the big toe on his right foot. Broxton sat out Saturday's game and will miss today's before being seen by a doctor on Monday.  Manager Joe Torre has told NL manager Charlie Manuel to be ready to name a replacement.