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Update: Pedro Martinez may be close to signing with Phillies

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Pedro Martinez may be flying to Philadelphia on Monday, WCAU-TV reported on Sunday night.

After arriving, it is believed Martinez will take a physical, which appears to be the final obstacle standing in the way of the 37-year-old right-hander signing with the Phillies for the remainder of the season.

The Phillies watched Martinez throw twice in the last week -- once Tuesday with Phillies special assistant Charlie Kerfeld in attendance, a second time Friday for the club's director of international scouting, Sal Agostinelli. On both occasions, he threw three-inning simulated games against members of the Phillies' Dominican Summer League team.

Both simulated games took place at the Phillies' baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. No other teams were present.

Indications are that the two sides have spent the weekend finalizing details of a one-year contract. Martinez has been looking for a prorated $5 million deal, plus incentives. But reports out of the Dominican Republic last week were that he was willing to take a prorated $4 million deal with the Phillies.

Looks like this Pedro in Philly thing is actually going to happen. Not sure how I feel about the whole idea. For $4 million the Phillies better be convinced that he has something left in the tank. Somehow I just imagine him coming back making one or two starts and getting hurt. But who knows maybe he'll return and be an effective starter for the Phillies. It's just sort of crazy to think that Cole Hamels makes $4.35 million and now Pedro is going to get $4 million pro-rated for the rest of the year.

The Phillies have been adamant about adding another starter for some time now, and Pedro should fill that need. The Phillies also seemed reluctant to give up any young prospects in exchange for another starter as well, so given that logic I understand where Pedro has appeal. I just think the Phillies might be taking a risk on Pedro. By the time he is even big league ready it will be after July 31 at which point they will have a tough time getting another quality starter. If Pedro doesn't work out they may be SOL.

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