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Where we stand with Roy Halladay July 14

Ok, so I know most people are exhausted about talking about Roy Halladay, but you can't deny the fact that he has lighten a fire on this trade deadline.  Here are some of the latest stories circulating the country on Roy Halladay's potential destination.


Roy Halladay would be perfect for the Yankees- NY Post

If you are going to get a gunslinger, you might as well get one with a killer nickname and credentials to match. Roy "Doc" Halladay is that pitcher and the Yankees need to...

White Sox and Cubs all-stars recruiting Roy Halladay- The Chicago Tribune

Because Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay has a no-trade clause, the All-Star Game might be an opportunity for him to be "recruited" by the two Chicago representatives. That would include the Cubs' Ted Lilly, who was Halladay's teammate from 2004 to 2006, and the White Sox's Mark Buehrle, who has been asked to help in matters like this before.

Joe Torre likes Roy Halladay- The Boston Globe

"Obviously I can’t get too specific because that would be tampering,’’ Torre said. "To me he’s one of the elite pitchers in this game. I’ve watched him for a long time and I remember when they sent him all the way back to A ball to get straightened out and he came back and he was so determined.

Halladay a long shot for Rockies- The Denver Post

As I said in my Sunday column, I would advocate the Rockies trading for Halladay if I thought they had any chance of re-signing him. After talking to Halladay at the All-Star Game, I can tell he still has fond memories of Colorado, but didn't get the feeling he's dying to come back.

Tigers in Roy Halladay mix-

According to a source familiar with the Blue Jays' needs, they want a young shortstop and a back-of-the-rotation starter in a package for Halladay. Detroit qualifies as a suitor for those needs, with deeper starting pitching than most and three quality shortstop prospects in International League All-Star Brent Dlugach, Cale Iorg (son of former Blue Jays infielder Garth Iorg) and Danny Worth.

Utley and Howard Phillies should go get Roy Halladay- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"If you're a team trying to make the playoffs, you would be stupid not to want him," Chase Utley said.

"I'm good with trying to win now," Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard said. "That's just me. Not to try to upstage anybody or anything in the front office. Obviously, they're going to make that decision. Whatever decision it is, when the dust settles, we live with it, we go on and we play. Hopefully, that's an addition we make. If not, we've still got to go out there and play. But I think if you ask everybody on this team right now, you would want to try to win now because you never know when you're going to get another chance."

Angels new leader for Roy Halladay- Toronto Sun

Infielder Brandon Wood, a pitching prospect like Trevor Reckling or Jordan Walden. Will Halladay go to the coast? Former GM Bill Stoneman was not known for deadline deals but GM Tony Reagins, added Mark Teixeira at the deadline last year.


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