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Strasburg and Nationals... still no deal

According to a report in the Washington Post, the Nationals and their number one draft pick Stephen Strasburg have made no progress in reaching a contract agreement.

Strasburg, who was in St. Louis on Tuesday to receive the Golden Spikes Award as the nations top collegiate player, said that he has not heard from the Nationals since being drafted number one overall. However, the Nationals claim they have been in constant contact with Strasburg agent Scott Boris.

The Nationals did offer Strasburg the standard minor league contract, which is nothing more than a formality. It is believed that the Nationals and Boras are working hard behind the scenes to come to and agreement, mostly to save the Nationals the embarrassment of having an offer publically rejected.

The deadline for signing draft picks is Aug 17. In the end expect Strasburg and the Nationals to come to an agreement, but I wouldn't be shocked if it came down to the very last day or so.