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No urgency in Red Sox talks with Jason Bay

According to a report in the Boston Herald, there is no urgency between the Red Sox and Jason Bay to begin contract talks.

This I must admit I find somewhat surprising.

Bay is expected to be the prize of the free agent class this year, and it's believed the longer the Red Sox wait to begin contract extension talks with him, the more likely he is going to test the free agent market.

Bay, will not be the only free agent outfielder this year, he most likely will be joining a class that will consist of Vladimir Guerrero, Bobby Abreu, Hideki Matsui, and Matt Holliday. However, Bay is the only one in this group who was an All-Star this year, so it's expected that Bay's deal will set the market.

It was reported early this spring that the Red Sox were prepared to offer Bay a contract in the area of $10-$11 million, but Bay reportedly is seeking a deal closer to the $14-$15 million range.

Since his arrival in Boston Bay has become somewhat of a fan favorite, resigning him should be a top priority for the Red Sox.

"I'm still waiting," Bay said. "I'm not really taking a stance one way or another. If something comes up which makes sense, great, but it hasn't yet. I'm not hard-lining it. I'm not saying, ‘If I don't get something done by this or then . . .' That doesn't do anyone any good. I'm in the exact same position I was three months ago. Nothing's changed."

The Red Sox are no strangers to mid season negotiations, in recent years they have signed stars Josh Beckett and David Ortiz to extensions during the season.

However, Bay may be a different animal all together, at 30-years-old this very well may be Bay's final "big" contract, so I would expect him to want top dollar. His best option might be to hit the open market, and let the bidding war begin.