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Report: Citi Field to host 2013 All-Star game

According to a report in the NY Post, the New York Mets may get to have their own All-Star celebration real soon. The post is reporting that Citi Field will be the host of the 2013 All-Star game, according to two MLB sources.

The next two All-Star Games are set, Anaheim next season and Arizona in 2011. Then it shifts back to an AL club the following year, most likely in Kansas City. That leaves 2013 all set for Citi Field and the Mets.

"That's the way it's looking," a source told The Post yesterday. "That also gives Citi Field time to get everything set. The Mets deserve to have an All-Star Game."

The Yankees had their New York celebration last year, so it only seems fitting that the Mets get their own party as well. It is believed that the Mets will most likely be competing with their division "rival" (I use that term very loosely) the Nationals for the 2013 slot. I haven't had the luxury of going to either stadium, but there is no way anyone could convince me that the Nationals deserve to host an all-star game over the Mets.

It appears Mets third baseman David Wright agrees.

"Playing in New York last year was great for me, it was a lot of fun to play in front of the same fans that see you every day."

"New York deserves its fair share of All-Star games. I think with Citi being new and the new amenities and just how glowingly everybody else talks about the ballpark, they deserve it. Hopefully I can play at a level to make the All-Star team there."

Can you imagine the Home Run Derby in Citi Field?  That will be a sight for sore eyes.