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Pirates Approach Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez About Contract Extensions

The Pittsburgh Pirates appear to have changed their position--temporarily-- on infielders Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the Pirates have approached both middle infielders about signing long-term contract extensions with the hopes of signing them prior to the July 31 deadline.

However, the Post-Gazette is reporting that the two must agree to an extension in a relatively short time in order to assure the Pirates that a reasonable deal can be completed. If neither party agrees in roughly the next 10 days it's likely that the Pirates would begin shopping the two middle infielders again.

The interesting twist in this situation is that both Sanchez, and Wilson are best friends, described as "virtually inseparable", which would mean in all likely hood that if one doesn't sign the other wouldn't either.

Here is what the two love birds had to say yesterday.

"I'm very excited to possibly continue my career in Pittsburgh, to finish what I've started, and Freddy is going to be a vital piece of any decision I make, Without Freddy, I think, it would be tough to win without a player like that."

"I want to finish my career turning double plays with Jack in a Pirates uniform, If it works out, it would be unbelievable. This is what we've been talking about for a long time."

Can anybody say Bromance.

Sanchez and Wilson are widely considered to be one of the best double play combinations in all of baseball. They have turned 100 DP's this year, which is second only to the Texas Rangers.

In terms of monetary value Sanchez is scheduled to make $6.25 million and can guarantee his 2010 vesting option worth $8 million by achieving 600 plate appearances this season. Wilson on the other hand is in the final guaranteed year of a contract that pays $7.4 million. He has a 2010 club option worth $8.4 million, with a $500,000 buyout.