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Did Selig Dictate All-Star Pitching Schedule?

On Monday, Brian Fuentes said he was told he would pitch the sixth inning of the All-Star game. On Tuesday, he was told he would not, which Fuentes blamed on the commissioner's office. "That bumped me from my inning," Fuentes said. "It's kind of crazy they would have their hand in making up the lineup." Fuentes, the Angels' closer, did not pitch in the game. He said he was told in an American League team meeting Monday that he would pitch the sixth inning, and he shared that news with family, friends and Angels officials in St. Louis. On Tuesday, two hours before game time, Fuentes said AL pitching coach Jim Hickey told him that there had been a "misunderstanding" and that AL Manager Joe Maddon had not been aware that the commissioner's office wanted the starting pitchers to work two innings. That left one fewer inning for the relievers and that left Fuentes out. "To think that someone in MLB would dictate who pitches when and where, that is not the way the game is supposed to be played," Fuentes said.

Los Angeles Times

If the All-Star game is truly just an exhibition game for the viewing pleasure of fans, then the following blurb from the LA Times doesn't matter much. But, if the All-Star game counts for something, like home-field advantage in the World Series, then is it the place of the Commissioner's office to weigh in on the lineup?