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White Sox To Join The Roy Halladay Sweepstakes?

Rumor has it the White Sox may be making a push for Blue Jay ace Roy Halladay, this according to Jerry Crasnick.

Take a look at what one AL executive had to say about the White Sox landing Halladay.

"I definitely think Kenny is involved, Let's put it this way: I would be very surprised if he's not."

The problem for the White Sox, ultimately, might be if they have what the Blue Jays are looking for in terms of prospects. All indications from Chicago are that super stud Gordon Beckham is off limits, which ideally is where the Blue Jays would begin a deal for Halladay. They also just sent first base prospect Brandon Allen to Arizona for reliever Tony Pena. They might be able to start a package around LHP prospect Aaron Poreda, but somehow I find it unlikely the Blue Jays would be thrilled about Poreda as the centerpiece of any deal.

Another problem Crasnick notes is that the White Sox may have an issue adding on the additional payroll, due to a drop in attendance.

But regardless of all the hurdles, all indication is that the White Sox are throwing their name into the hat. Williams has always been a fairly aggressive GM, remember it wasn't too long ago he pulled off a deal to acquire the Padres Jake Peavy.