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George Steinbrenner Optimistic The Yankees Will Win World Series

George Steinbrenner is back and he's optimistic about the New York Yankees getting their seventh ring during the Steinbrenner era.

Steinbrenner speaking through his human twitter account Howard Rubenstein said,

"I am very pleased with the team and the spirit, I am hoping for another World Series ring. Tell everyone I feel great."

Steinbrener, who hasn't been to Yankee Stadium since opening day, spent three hours at Yankee Headquarters in Tampa on Thursday.

In most year's the Yankees second place standing would have infuriated the Boss, but at the ripe age of 79 Steinbrenner appears to have mellowed out a bit.

The Yankees ended the first half of the season with a very respectable 51-37 record, which places them atop the AL Wild Card chase. The second half of the season is often the time when good teams and great teams are defined; we'll have to see where the Yankees stand among that group.