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Buchholz Makes '09 Debut...Is This A Roy Halladay Audition?

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Toronto Blue Jays 0 0 0

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Clay Buchholz will make his first major league start since last August tonight when the Red Sox face off against the Blue Jays.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona insists this is only a spot start, but considering the Roy Halladay pandemonium many people believe this could be a showcase.

Buchholz is believed by several insiders to be one of the few prospects the Blue Jays would be willing to build a potential deal around.

Every indication out of Boston is that Buchholz is marked as "untouchable", but when you throw a name like Roy Halladay into the picture things can change.

Earlier today John Heyman of, reported that the Blue Jays were not thrilled about the idea of trading Halladay within the division, but I have to imagine if the Red Sox put Buchholz in a deal that would change real quick.

On the surface the Red Sox have no immediate need for Halladay, matter of fact, they probably don't have any long term need for Halladay either, but nevertheless when a big name hits the market we always expect the big players to be involved--and that certainly includes the Red Sox.