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Cardinals Consider Moving Troy Glaus To The Outfield

The St. Louis Cardinals are considering moving Troy Glaus to the the outfield, this according to Ken Rosenthal of

Glaus is expected to play left field in a Florida State League game tonight; Rosenthal believes this move indicates the Cardinals may consider using Glaus in the outfield in the near future.

Considering Glaus is returning from shoulder surgery it's believed he may have difficulty making the throw from third to first. The Cardinals consider the outfield a much more practical position for Glaus.

The Cardinals have been searching for additional offense to combat Albert Pujols for some time now. Last month the Cardinals traded for utility man Mark DeRosa with the hope that he could provide an immediate offense spark. However, DeRosa has not provided much. He was placed on the disabled list shortly after joining the Cardinals.

Glaus generally speaking is regarded as a solid offense player. While his numbers have dropped off from the prime of his career, he has still has shown the ability to hit for power. Glaus hit 27 homeruns last season for the Cardinals, which was his first with the team.

We'll have to see how this plays out, but according to Glaus agent he's excited about the opportunity, and more importantly he's excited about the opportunity to remain in St. Louis.

"They want him there and don't want to trade him, they asked him and he said sure. He wants to play in St. Louis and help them down the stretch."

The Cardinals are currently 50-42, and lead the N.L Central by three games over the Chicago Cubs.