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A's to be Active as Deadline Approaches?

Due to an influx of reliable late inning relievers, teams are targeting the A's for potential trades. One reliever, Michael Wuertz, is drawing more interest than most because he has proven that he can have success in both leagues. The A's can expect power arm Joey Devine to be back and ready for the 2010 season, and moving Wuertz would clear a spot for Justin Duchscherer, who would benefit from a reduced role. Not to mention he received his first All-Star nod in the set up role.

The Athletics are not ones to swing deals on whim, so you can expect them to scour the market for an up and coming shortstop or third baseman. In a market like this, you can bet that general managers are doing their best to manufacture deals and target cheap help. If anyone has a positive track record at succeeding in trades like this, it's Billy Beane.