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John Heyman: Phillies Favored to Land Halladay

Here are some highlights from John Heyman Daily Scoop.

For the full text click here.

  • Phillies remain everyone's favorite to land Halladay. Heyman believes the teams are at a point where they have already begun discussing some of the Phillies top prospects (Michael Taylor, Jason Donald and Carlos Carrasco).
  • If the Phillies are willing to give up Kyle Drabek, "they might get (Halladay) real quick", said one competing executive.
  • One A.L. executive believes a package of Donald and Carrasco would fall well short. Other competing executives believe the Phillies must include Drabek
  • Ruben Amaro may be changing his statement that Drabek is "untouchable".
  • Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi understands if teams don't want to part with their top prospects, but he admits it most likely will lessen the opportunity for them to get Halladay
  • The Giants appear to be "kicking the tires"
  • The Angels, an early favorite for Halladay, seem to be out of the picture. They apparently don't want to part with their prospects.
  • The Yankees still have an outside shot even though the Blue Jays have said they will look outside the division first.
  • The Yankees would have to surrender either Joba Chamberlin or Phil Hughes to get Halladay. Additionally, they would have to probably give up prospect Austin Jackson, and either one of their two catchers Jesus Montero or Francisco Cervelli.
  • The Giants might be interested in Alex Rios. Apparently the two discussed a Rios-for-Lincecum swap a year ago.
  • There is no evidence the Jays are trying to attach Vernon Wells to any deal.
  • Ricciardi puts the chances of a deal at "50-50"