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Twins in Hunt for Dominican Prospect Miguel Sano

The American Chronicle's Charley Walters says Twins vice president of player personnel Mike Radcliff is currently in the Dominican to scout super-prospect Miguel Sano:

The Twins have been working with Sano and his family for months and project him as a third baseman more than shortstop. Although Sano can expect a signing bonus of several million dollars, Major League Baseball has yet to approve his age and signing eligibility.

The Twins are among about 10 teams intently watching Sano.

No team can sign Sano until MLB completes an investigation to determine whether Sano is, in fact, 16 years old, as he says he is. (Contrary to a report published this weekend, the investigation is not yet complete.)

The Twins, Orioles and Pirates have showed the strongest interest in Sano thus far, although that could change if Major League Baseball rules that Sano is 16. ESPN's Jorge Arangure tweeted this weekend that the Bucs were scheduled to meet with Sano today, and he has also said that the Pirates, who have developed a strong relationship with Sano and his family, may be able to sign Sano even if they don't offer the most money.