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Mets Reject Deal For Halladay?

John Heyman of reported last night that the NY Mets have turned down an offer for Blue Jays Pitcher Roy Halladay.

Heyman, reports that Toronto requested outfielder Fernando Martinez, pitcher Bobby Parnell, pitcher Jonathan Niese and shortstop Ruben Tejada.

Apparently the Mets responded with a clear-cut no. It is believed that that Mets don't want to mortgage the future, and being nine games out of first that certainly makes sense.

Heyman also noted that it's likely that Halladay would have turned down a deal to the Mets anyway. He has made it pretty clear that his goal is to compete for a championship, and as of now the Mets aren't exactly the place to do it.

Now at first glance this story is a bit strange, mostly due to the fact that we haven't heard anything about Halladay to the Mets since he hit the block, but generally speaking it always happens like this. We talk and talk about a group of teams and then at the last minute some other random team swoops in and steals the show. Not sure that'll be the case here, but we'll have to see how it plays out.

However, in this case for the essence of full disclosure, we have to let you know that various media outlets have denied this report.

ESPN baseball reporter Keith Law said on his Twitter page the report was "totally bogus. Shot down by multiple sources."

So take it for what it's worth.