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Is Milton Bradley Really a Switch Hitter??

Judging by the e-mails, there's a growing sentiment among Cub fans that switch-hitter Milton Bradley, who's been in a deep, season-long funk from the left side, should scrap the switch-hitting thing and hit from his natural right side against everybody. Forget it. Manager Lou Piniella, who benched Bradley to personally work on hitting mechanics with him, said, ''We're not even contemplating doing that. [General manager] Jim Hendry would wonder what the hell we're doing.'' Bradley, who's hitting .201 left-handed this year (.333 right), seemed even less inclined to entertain the question: Asked whether he'd consider batting right-only even short-term, he said simply, ''No.'' -- Chicago Sun-Times

Am I missing something? .201 vs. .333? Offense is offense and if the guy can hit from one side but not the other, wouldn't you sacrifice the lefty-hitting strategy for some run production?