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Free Agent Mulder Still Looking for Work?

Free agent Mark Mulder is still on the recovery from shoulder surgery, but teams are not biting at the idea of giving him an opportunity. The Dodgers scouted him but are going to pass, as have the Phillies and Brewers in the last week.

The Twins' pitching collapse last night could give Mulder an opportunity there, but reports around baseball suggest that the Twins will remain quiet this trade deadline. Mulder may be force to sit out this season, which would be too bad for the once All-Star pitcher. The baggage he brings to a team is not worth it for a contender, and teams that are out of contention won't spend the money on a veteran pitcher who would have little impact on the season.

If an independent team is looking to fill seats, they could give Mulder a call. The ball is in your court, Newark Bears.